Monday, February 20, 2017

Town of Williston Selectboard Hearing (Our Folks Needed in Attendance) Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 7 PM)

The North Country Sportsmen's Clubs in Williston has its case challenging the authority to severely regulate its operations
presently before the Vermont Supreme Court.  The actions of the Town of Williston have been a serious threat to our 
Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.

Tomorrow night, the Williston Select Board is holding a public hearing on it Noise Ordinance, as it regulates the NCSC, 
We could use a strong turnout in support of the NCSC and our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.  The wearing of orange
is strongly encouraged.  The Town of Williston has previously contended there has been strong support by residents for 
severe control of the range and little or no public support for the NCSC range.  

The Seclect Board meeting will start at 7 PM at the Williston Town Hall.  Representative(s) of the NCSC will be present to
relate their NCSC position.

Williston Town Hall
7900 Williston Road
Williston, VT 05495



ON MARCH 18, 2017
The doors will open at 4:30 PM for cocktails, games and visiting with all.
As always, this will be an action packed fun filled evening for all with plenty of opportunities to win many great prizes including firearms, sporting goods, furniture, apparel, collectibles and so much more! 
There will be live & Silent auctions, raffles and games of chance
            The "Early Bird Sponsor's Raffle" is available for those who choose to 'Sponsor' at this year's banquet and send in their $200 donation amount by March 1, 2017. You receive the "SPONSOR'S" package of raffle tickets which includes one ticket into the coveted  "SPONSOR'S RAFFLE" with the chance to win one of several firearms (over 15 were available last year) or a gun safe, as well as a special 'sponsor's gift'.  You will also be entered into the exclusive raffle open only for those sponsors who pre-register by the March 1st deadline!
            To order dinner tickets and become an early bird sponsor, please use the enclosed form.
Send your personal check made out to "VFSC" to Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs,
14 Stafford Avenue, Morrisville, VT 05661.
            For ticket or general banquet information, call Roy or Marcia Marble at 802-888-3418 or
email:   Space is limited so sign up early.
            Your attendance supports the Federation's efforts to protect and enhance YOUR sporting
interests and shooting ranges.
Roy and Marcia Marble
Chris Bradley, Keith & Sedney Ulrich, Larry & Lise Hamel & Bill Gaiotti
Banquet Committee

The doors will open at 4:30 PM for cocktails, games and visiting with all.  BUFFET DINNER WILL BE SERVED AT 6:30 PM
Early bird raffle/sponsorships are available until March 1, 2017.   Dinner tickets must be ordered by March 5th as there is seating for 225. 
Additional sponsor packages can be purchased at the door.  Credit cards can be used at the event. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017







February 16th  4:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Vermont State House Cafeteria, Montpelier, VT

Attendance is Free


Your presence is requested!

Please join Co-Chairs Rep. Pat Brennan, Rep. Cynthia Browning, Sen. John Rodgers, and Sen Alice Nitka and members of the Vermont Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus to celebrate our hunting and angling heritage and to discuss some of the issues the sporting community is facing locally and nationally.


Invited Speakers:

Governor Phil Scott, VT F&W Commissioner Louis Porter, and Brent Miller, the Northeast Director for the Congressional Sportsman's Foundation.


Cocktails: 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm, Speakers: 5:15 pm, followed by great food!


Provided: Wild Game Appetizers, Chef Ray's Famous Venison Chili, Cash Bar,

Raffles, Door Prizes, and More!


Annual Wild Game Chili Contest:  Bring your crockpot of wild game chili to the event and enter it in the contest and take home the blue ribbon! Official Judges, Prizes, and Good Fun. Bring your friends & family!


Sponsorship Opportunities:    GOLD ~ $1,000       SILVER ~ $500        BRONZE ~ $250


For more information:

Contact Rep. Pat Brennan at 802.578.2768 or


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Federation Mixer at the State House on late afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 24

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Club Annual Mixer will be once again held in the Cafeteria of the Vermont State House,
starting at 5:00 P.M.and running to 7:30 PM on Tuesday, January 24.  Snacks and beverages provided by the VTFSC and
there will be a cash bar.  Arrive at 3:00 PM and Tour Your Vermont State House prior to the Mixer.

This will be your opportunity to speak with your elected officials, government agency representatives and lots of like thinking
folks from all over the state.  Wearing something ORANGE stands out in a very positive way.

You can also ask your legislator to join you and they can wear ORANGE
You can relate to them your opposition to gun control bills, like S.6 and H.6 which attacks our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Attack on Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights (Oppose House Bill H.6)

Anti-hunting-shooting-fishing advocates and their supporters in the Vermont Legislature are quickly moving to use H.6 to dismantle your Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights
To oppose the House of Representatives enacting anti-hunting-fishing legislation, you can call the Sergeant of Arms at 802-828-2228 and leave the polite message 
"No to H.6, respect our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights" for the House Government Operation Committee Chair Maida Townsend (D-South Burlington) and 
Vice-Chair Ronald Hulbert (R-Milton).

H.6 is a bill introduced that would allow the City of Montpelier to ban public use of the Berlin Pond.  No kayaking, no canoeing, no fishing, no trapping, no migratory bird 
hunting on the pond, which the Vermont Supreme Court has ruled is an open body of public water.  Vermont's Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an 
official ruling that there is no scientific reason to ban the recreational activities above stated.  

The Berlin Pond lies completely within the Town of Berlin and the citizens of Berlin have voted they want the pond to remain open for public use for the previously related 
activities.  If Montpelier succeeds in enacting H.6, municipalities all over Vermont will seek charter changes to circumvent the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.  
Towns will act to restrict hunting, including trapping, establish their own hunting and fishing seasons or licenses.  Our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights will be useless.
The House Committee on Government Operations members list is found below and can also be contacted at 802-282-2228:

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vermont Mayor's and Gun Control Campaigns (Voting is important)

                                         Votes are Vermont Resident/Tax Payer Voice and Every Vote is Important 

The mayors of Barre, Burlington, Montpelier and Rutland have long been members of the Bloomberg's gun control group "Mayor's Against Illegal Guns"
which is a subset of another Bloomberg gun control group "Everytown for Gun Safety" which spent $77,567.90 in Vermont in its 2015 gun control campaign.
Everytown for Gun Safety registered itself with the Vermont Secretary of State as having the address: P.O. Box 4184, New York City, New York 10163.

Like or not like a candidate, should the mayors of Vermont's cities endorse a candidate in a partisan state-wide candidate for election?
This mayor's organization has long supported gun control positions and Burlington Mayor Weinberger concedes it uses tax payer dollars from the member cities

Weinberger conceded that the group is financed by small contributions from member cities, but he said those totaled no more than "in the hundreds of dollars."

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Firearms Owners and Gun Rights Advocates Respond To VPR Poll

Vermont gun control advocates and the politicians who support them have pushed gun control as a top priority issue
in this election.  But, Vermonters have little interest in the issue because Vermont is consistently such a safe state.
Vermonters are concerned about the economy, a balanced state budget and their tax burden.  Vote, Vote, Vote!
Firearms Owners and Gun Rights Advocates Respond To VPR Poll

Response to Vermont Public Radio polling released October 19, 2016 – why Vermont needs no more new gun laws. On behalf of the organizations listed below:

"Lawful Vermont firearm owners should be encouraged that the poll revealed one major fact about Vermonters sentiments at this crucial moment in the 2016 election cycle. Vermont voters see no need for new gun laws. Vermont voters clearly want politicians of all stripes and at all levels of state government to concentrate on the myriad other issues at the top of their minds like taxes and the economy. Despite being provided an open question as to their priorities this year, barely 1% suggested "guns" as a top issue priority.