Thursday, February 7, 2019

Vermont F&W Department Budget Issues (Action Needed)

The Vermont F&W Department's proposed budget lacks adequate funding to keep the Department operating in a viable manner.

The F&W Department should be run like a business and if provides a service, it would be able to funded to pay for the expense
of paying for that service.  All Vermonters have a F&W Department that brings very large revenues to our state through the proper
and responsible management of the natural resources of Vermont.

The Department manages a Hunter Education Program.  It owns and operates two public shooting ranges.  It runs two Conservation
Camps for youngsters at which it runs Hunter Education courses and teaches firearm training and safety.  

The Department receives the lion's share of its funding through license and tag fees, in addition to Pittman-Robertson federal excise
fees on the manufacture and sale of firearms, ammunition and archery equipment.  The Department receives Dingell-Johnson
federal excise fees through the sale and manufacture of sport fishing and boating equipment.  

The Department is being directed to close the Salisbury Fish Hatchery, when that hatchery is necessary to providing for viable
stocking fish in Vermont.  This hatchery does not provide a redundant or unnecessary source of fish.  It is essential to viable
fishing in our state.  Once again, shooting, hunting and fishing bring large amounts of money into the economy of Vermont.

We have our greatest strength when we all stand together.  We are a formidable force when we all stand together.

We need to call Governor Scott and our legislators and leave them the polite message, our "Vermont F&W Wildlife Department
Budget needs to support the Department, maintaining all the services currently provided by the Department"  It makes no
business sense to close the Salisbury Hatchery or reduce staff, like Game Wardens.

Governor Scott; Phone 802-828-3333

Legislators; 802-828-2228.  If you do not know your senators and representatives you can locate your legislators by the link below:

Your Representatives and Senators by your town:

Monday, September 3, 2018

2018 Vermontster USPSA Match, Sept., 8-9, Lamoille Valley F&G Club

The 2018 Vermontster will be another big and successful USPSA Match in Vermont.  Successful and popular matches 
build interest in shooting sports in Vermont.  Interested people tend to be active, vote and help to protect the rights of all.

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