Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vermont Mayor's and Gun Control Campaigns (Voting is important)

                                         Votes are Vermont Resident/Tax Payer Voice and Every Vote is Important 

The mayors of Barre, Burlington, Montpelier and Rutland have long been members of the Bloomberg's gun control group "Mayor's Against Illegal Guns"
which is a subset of another Bloomberg gun control group "Everytown for Gun Safety" which spent $77,567.90 in Vermont in its 2015 gun control campaign.
Everytown for Gun Safety registered itself with the Vermont Secretary of State as having the address: P.O. Box 4184, New York City, New York 10163.

Like or not like a candidate, should the mayors of Vermont's cities endorse a candidate in a partisan state-wide candidate for election?
This mayor's organization has long supported gun control positions and Burlington Mayor Weinberger concedes it uses tax payer dollars from the member cities

Weinberger conceded that the group is financed by small contributions from member cities, but he said those totaled no more than "in the hundreds of dollars."

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Firearms Owners and Gun Rights Advocates Respond To VPR Poll

Vermont gun control advocates and the politicians who support them have pushed gun control as a top priority issue
in this election.  But, Vermonters have little interest in the issue because Vermont is consistently such a safe state.
Vermonters are concerned about the economy, a balanced state budget and their tax burden.  Vote, Vote, Vote!
Firearms Owners and Gun Rights Advocates Respond To VPR Poll

Response to Vermont Public Radio polling released October 19, 2016 – why Vermont needs no more new gun laws. On behalf of the organizations listed below:

"Lawful Vermont firearm owners should be encouraged that the poll revealed one major fact about Vermonters sentiments at this crucial moment in the 2016 election cycle. Vermont voters see no need for new gun laws. Vermont voters clearly want politicians of all stripes and at all levels of state government to concentrate on the myriad other issues at the top of their minds like taxes and the economy. Despite being provided an open question as to their priorities this year, barely 1% suggested "guns" as a top issue priority.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vermont Shooting Sports Association (VSSA) Banquet September 24 in Barre & Big Prize raffle winning tickets

Vermont Shooting Sports Association Banquet 
               Saturday, September 24
  Barre Elks Club, 10 Jefferson Street, Barre
           (behind the Aldrich Library)

          Raffles, Games and Great Prizes
      Fun, Great Food, Friends and Family 

 Banquet Tickets $35 or Buy a Table Captain
 package of 8 tickets for $280 and be eligible
  for a drawing of an additional firearm prize

          Doors open at 5:00 PM

For more information call Frank Malnati at 

5 of the 6 Big Prize raffle ticket drawings have been done (shown below)
and the last winning banquet ticket will be drawn at the VSSA banquet 

The winning tickets that have drawn were numbers 16, 83, 110, 129 and 104.
The winners have picked their choice of the following prizes

* Springfield Armory M1A .308 Win. 

* Kimber 1911 in .45 ACP

* Henry "Big Boy" various calibers

* AR-15 in 5.56

* Ruger M77 GS Scout Rifle


Friday, August 5, 2016

2016 CMP New England Travel Games - Sept 14th thru 18th






As you may have heard, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has selected Camp Ethan Allen Training Site (CEATS) as their site for a trial New England CMP Travel Games event.


As one of the sponsors of these games, the VSRPA has worked very hard to get these games located at CEATS, and if we are successful this year:  Then we have a stake in the ground for years to come that will benefit all Vermont and New England competitive shooters for years to come.


To have this event be held however, the CMP requires that there be at least 100 competitors signed up, and while we are closing in on that number, we need your help to cross that threshold.


As you can see by the attached schedule, this is a soup-to-nuts event.  Popular matches such as the Rimfire Sporter, Garand/Springfield/Vintage and Modern Military Rifles, as-issued 1911 Pistol Match, Military & Police Service Pistol Match and a Pistol Two-Man Team Matches will be fired throughout the Games. Additionally:  An Excellence in Competition (EIC) Pistol Match, EIC .22 Rimfire Pistol Match, and EIC Rifle Match; along with a Carbine Match and Vintage Sniper Match will be sure to challenge competitors of all ages.  For those wanting a more knowledgeable experience, a GSM New Shooter Clinic and Garand Maintenance Clinic will also be available, along with Small Arms Firing School (SAFS) & M16 Match (M16s provided, semi-fire only).


For more information on the 2016 CMP New England Games please check out the Official Match program:

Competitors may register via online registration:

or a printable entry form:


Also note that competitors have first chance at buying rifles such as the M1 Garand at prices you will not find lower anywhere else - a great way to own a piece of history that you can compete with!


If you need a place to stay, barracks space will be available for 10$ a night; we are looking to have the Mess Hall open for meals; and we are also hoping to allow onsite camping (no hookups however).


If you are a VSRPA member and do not own a rifle to compete with, the VSRPA *may* be able to assist with the loan of an AR-15, Garand, Springfield, Vintage Rifle, Carbine or .22 pistol.


Please help make this event a success:  Sign-up for one or more events TODAY!






All match start times listed in this schedule are the time when firing starts. Squadding for each event will begin 1/2 hour prior to the event start time. Competitors may check-in any scheduled day prior to their first event.




6:30 AM - 8:00 AM   Competitor Check-In

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM   SAFS/M16 Match

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM   Competitor Only Sales Event (must check-in prior to attending)

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM   Competitor Check-in





6:30 AM on               Competitor Check-in

8:00 AM                     EIC Rifle Match

9:00 AM                     GSM New Shooter Clinic

12:00 PM                   CMP Rifle Sales

1:00 PM                     Garand / Springfield / Vintage / Modern Military Rifle Match

2:00 PM                     Garand Maintenance Clinic





6:30 AM on               Competitor Check-In

8:00 AM                     Garand / Springfield / Vintage / Modern Military Rifle Match

11:00 AM                   CMP As-Issued 1911 Pistol Match

12:00 PM                   CMP Rifle Sales

12:30 PM                   Military & Police Service Pistol Match (or immediately following 1911 match)

1:00 PM                     M1 Carbine Match

4:00 PM                     Medal Presentations





6:30 AM on               Competitor Check-In

8:00 AM                     Garand / Springfield / Vintage / Modern Military Rifle Match

9:00 AM                     Rimfire Sporter Match

12:00 PM                   CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match

12:00 PM                   CMP Rifles Sales

1:00 PM                     Garand / Springfield / Vintage / Modern Military Rifle Match

2:00 PM                     EIC Pistol Match (or immediately following CMP .22 Rimfire Sporter Match

3:30 PM                     Pistol Team Match (or immediately following the EIC Pistol Match)

5:00 PM                     BBQ

5:30 PM                     Medal Presentations





7:30 AM on               Competitor Check-In

9:00 AM                     Vintage Sniper Team Match

11:00 AM                   Medals & Awards Presentations (or 30 minutes after the Vintage Sniper Match)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Learn More About Hunting at Free Seminars


Press Release


For Immediate Release:  August 3, 2016

Media Contacts:  John Pellegrini 802-272-2909


Learn More About Hunting at Free Seminars


MONTPELIER, Vt – The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department will be holding a series of free seminars to teach people more about hunting. 


The seminars will cover a variety of hunting techniques and species and will give participants the opportunity to try a new style of hunting or to learn more about a style of hunting they already enjoy.  The seminars topics include Vermont Black Bears from A-Z; Small Game Hunting; White-tailed Deer Hunting and Processing; Youth Waterfowl Hunter Training; Law Updates for Firearm Range Operators; and Advanced Bowhunting. 


Participants will learn how to field dress a deer, identify ducks, track a bear, or safely shoot a bow from a treestand.  The seminars will be taught by current and former Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department staff, as well as hunter education volunteers.  One highlight of the programs will be former Vermont Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry giving a demonstration on bird hunting with dogs. 


"Both experienced and first-time hunters stand to benefit from these seminars," said John Pellegrini, hunter education training coordinator with Vermont Fish & Wildlife. "We will provide useful information including practical hunting tips, ecology and behavior of these animals, and how to have a fun, safe experience in the woods."


All seminars are free and include lunch.  Sign up at  Space is limited to the first 30 signups and they fill up quickly, so signup as early as possible.  For more information, call John Pellegrini at 802-272-2909.


Vermont Black Bears from A-Z, Saturday, August 20, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Mountain Deer Taxidermy, Northfield, VT.  This seminar covers basic bear biology, successfully hunting bears, and processing bear meat.  Signup deadline: Wednesday, August 17.


Youth Waterfowl Hunter Training, Saturday, August 20, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Sportsman Club of Franklin County, St. Albans, VT.  The seminar will instruct young waterfowlers aged 12 to 17 in waterfowl identification, hunting regulations, duck and goose calling, decoy sets, and safe shooting techniques.  Signup deadline: Wednesday, August 17.


Small Game Hunting, Saturday, August 27, 2016, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Randolph Fish & Game Club, Randolph, VT.  The seminar will feature workshops on hunting rabbits with beagles, hunting ruffed grouse with dogs from former Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry, and squirrel hunting.  The seminar will conclude with a shooting workshop hosted by Randolph Fish and Game.   Signup deadline: Wednesday, August 24.


White-tailed Deer Hunting and Processing, Saturday, September 17, 2016, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Mountain Deer Taxidermy, Northfield, VT.  The seminar will feature Vermont Fish & Wildlife deer biologist Nick Fortin, as well as Whitetail Tracker Brad Lockwood.  Rodney and Theresa Elmer will demonstrate how to field dress, process, and prepare a deer for taxidermy.  Signup deadline: Wednesday, September 14.


Law Updates for Firearm Range Operators, Saturday, September 17, 2016, 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., Annex Building, Montpelier, VT.  The seminar will go over changes to Act 250 and Act 145 that affect firearm range operation.  Staff will cover changes to lead management in environmental stewardship plans and how to improve safety and noise mitigation at ranges, essential information for all range managers.  Signup deadline: Wednesday, September 14.


Advanced Bowhunting, Saturday, September 24, 2016, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Chelsea Fish & Game Club, Chelsea, VT.  This seminar will demonstrate advanced techniques for bowhunting, including equipment, hunting tactics, and treestand safety.  Signup deadline: Wednesday, September 21.


Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities are available upon request.  Please include a description of the accommodation you will need.  Individuals making such requests must include their contact information.  Please send an e-mail to:  Catherine.Gjessing@Vermont.Gov or call the office staff at 802-828-1000 (voice), 1-800-253-0191 (TTY).


– 30 –


Photo Caption:  The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is hosting a series of free seminars on hunting techniques.  To learn more or sign up, go to





Tom Rogers

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

Information and Outreach

Davis 2 Building, 1 National Life Drive

Montpelier, VT  05620

[phone]      802-377-2628


Please note that my email address changed to on August 1, 2015.


Monday, August 1, 2016

(Volunteers Always Appreciated) USPSA Regional Match in Vermont, run by GMPS, all proceeds to VT Gun Rights Fund

Green Mountain Practical Shooters is hosting a regional level USPSA match to support our gun rights in Vermont.

The match is Aug 5-7 at the Lamoille Valley range on Garfield road in Morrisville VT.  More details in the attachment to this E-mail.

All the proceeds from this match will be donated to the legislative defense fund of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Club for our efforts to protect and preserve our Vermont Article 16 rights here in Vermont.  The goal is to raise $5000.00 for the cause. We are expecting 100 shooters from all over New England to compete.

Volunteers Appreciated for this gun rights fund raising event.  Range assistance, parking help and burger flipper masters all needed!  Freedom Appreciates Volunteers!!!
To volunteer assistance you can contact Scott Chapman at 802-238-8604 or  

Thursday, June 30, 2016

VT Mayors Coalition calls for Gun Control 2016 (Updated/Corrected E-mail addresses)

The Vermont's Mayor's Coalition, the eight mayors below, gun control statement carrying the gun control campaign of former NYC Mayor Bloomberg is an attachment to this E-mail.   
The mayors of Barre, Montpelier, Burlington and Rutand are members of the Bloomberg's mayors group.  They want NYC gun control laws in spite of the fact that:

*Vermont has the lowest violent crime in the country. FBI
*Vermont has an excellent firearm safety record. VT F&W
*Vermont is not a major source of guns to other states. BATF

If you would like to politely express your opinion about their group's gun control campaign you can contact them by use of the contact info below.  You may want to say: "Vermont does not have a gun problem.  We have a crushing tax burden problem.  We need state & local government to rein in spending and reduce our taxes"

Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon: City Hall Office 802-476-0241,  E-mail:     Facebook: https:
Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger: City Hall Office 802-865-7272, E-mail:  Facebook:
Montpelier Mayor John Hollar: City Hall Office: 802-793-3176E-mail:
Newport Mayor Paul Monette:  City Hall Office 802-224-5136,   E-mail:  
Rutland Mayor Chris Louras: City Hall Office 802- 773-1800 ext 211, E-mail: Facebook:
St. Albans Mayor Liz Gamache: City Hall Office: 802-524-1500, ext 255,  E-mail:
Vergennes Mayor Bill Benton: City Hall Office: 802-877-3637E-mail:
Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard: City Hall Office: 802-777-3381, E-mail:

If you just want to E-mail the mayors, all of their E-mail addresses are down below:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vermont's Mayors (REALLY) push for gun control (Expanded Article)

The mayors of Barre, Burlington, Montpelier and Rutland all still members of former NYC Mayor Bloomberg's group "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"
 Anybody hear them distance themselves from their Mayors Against Illegal Guns got caught adding the Boston Bomber Brother killed in a shootout with police as a "victim of "gun violence"
To inflate numbers Mayor Against Illegal Guns added violent criminals who were killed in justifiable homicides in its "victims" ranks.
It happened in Concord, NH and gun rights folks called out the Mayors Against Illegal Guns for this tactic.  

If you would like to contact the four mayors to politely relate your thoughts on their gun control agenda their contact info is:

Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon: 802-476-0241 E-mail:  Facebookhttps:
Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger: 802-865-7272  E-mail:  Facebook:
Montpelier Mayor John Hollar: 802-793-3176 E-mail:
Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard802-777-3381 E-mail:

Vermont mayors push for gun control reforms  (Expanded Article)

Posted: Jun 28, 2016 12:01 PM EDTUpdated: Jun 28, 2016 5:31 PM EDT
Vermont's mayors say the state needs universal background checks. They can't take action on their own, so they're hoping lawmakers will. Tuesday afternoon's announcement likely indicates gun reforms will be a topic the candidates on the campaign trail can't avoid this year, as Vermont's city leaders vow to turn up the heat.
Four of Vermont's eight mayors gathered in Burlington to take on one of this year's most controversial topics: gun reforms.
"At this point, we have seen no action from Congress and we have seen very little action by state leaders," said Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Burlington.
Burlington's mayor expressed frustration that charter changes in Burlington to enact gun reforms in the Queen City have stalled in Montpelier. He also said he would rather the federal government act on gun reform, but in the absence of action in Washington, he and Vermont's seven other mayors are pushing state lawmakers to pass universal background checks.
"Anybody can call somebody up and meet in a parking lot and buy a weapon and avoid a background check and we don't think that makes a whole lot of sense," said Montpelier Mayor John Hollar.
They acknowledged that Vermont often ranks as one of the safest states in the country and also has a strong sportsmen's culture. But they said after a week of discussion they feel universal background checks will keep Vermonters safer.
"We also need to put a stop to the rhetoric about this being a slippery slope every time this issue comes up and recognize that there are common-sense steps that can be taken to make sure that we are protecting people, as well as their rights," said Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard.
But the issue has faced an uphill battle in Montpelier. Last year, a bill that would have required background checks on private gun sales failed to pass and Gov. Peter Shumlin, D-Vermont, threatened to veto it. The bill that ultimately passed focused mostly on keeping guns from felons and the mentally ill.
"I think it's been a little less than transparent," said Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon.
Lauzon says he can't get any information on how that new law is working. He says he believes that needs to be a priority. He also says he is committed to holding a multiday forum in Barre on the subject of gun reforms. But he also acknowledged that it will likely trigger heated debate.
"I know there's going to be blowback," said Lauzon.
The mayors said they want to keep gun reforms in the forefront of the campaign debates. We asked the five gubernatorial candidates where they stand.
Republicans Bruce Lisman and Phil Scott do not support new gun control measures.
Democrats Matt Dunne, Peter Galbraith, and Sue Minter all support universal background checks.
Full gubernatorial candidate answers to gun control reform questions (in no particular order):
Sue Minter, Democrat:
1. Do you support any new gun control measures at the state level?
Yes. Sue supports criminal background checks on all gun sales and a ban on military style assault weapons.
2. Would you advocate any if you became governor?
Yes. Sue is the first candidate in this race who stood up for gun safety. As Governor she will advocate for background checks on all gun sales - because we know that background checks work.
Vermont is not immune to gun violence much of the time it happens behind closed doors. In 2013 VT had the eighth highest rate in the country of domestic homicides and the majority of those have relied on a gun.
We know that background checks work - in states that require criminal background checks on all handgun sales 46 percent fewer women are shot to death by their intimate partners.
Vermonters can count on Sue to stand up for commonsense gun safety as Governor.
3. If so, which measures would you support?
Sue will support criminal background checks on all gun sales and a ban on military style assault weapons.
Bruce Lisman, Republican:
1. Do you support any new gun control measures at the state level? NO.
2. Would you advocate any if you became governor?  NO.
Phil Scott, Republican:
1. Do you support any new gun control measures at the state level?
No, I think we need to enforce the gun laws we have on the books and focus on gun safety and education. I also think we need to address the underlying issues that drive violence -- particularly mental health and substance abuse treatment.
Our current gun control laws respect our rights as Americans and Vermonters to own guns and it's no coincidence that Vermont has the lowest rate of violent crime in the country.  Many of us grow up learning to respect firearms and pass that knowledge on to our children. 
2. Would you advocate any if you became governor?
No, but I would advocate for ways to address the drivers of violence and make sure that people have access to the comprehensive support services they need, if they feel personal turmoil or are in crisis.  Another way is to continue to focus on reducing substance abuse.  
Peter Galbraith, Democrat:
"I am a gun owner and support the right of citizens to own guns. Military-style assault rifles are not useful for hunting or self-defense. They are designed to kill large numbers of people in a short time, which is why they are the weapon of choice in mass killings. If elected Governor, I will propose a law to ban on the sale of military style assault rifles such as the AR-15 as well as large capacity magazines and armor piercing bullets. I support universal background checks in Vermont. It makes no sense to require background checks for most purchases and then allow those who don't qualify another lawful way to acquire a gun. And, clearly people on the no fly list or are suspected of terrorism should not have guns."
Matt Dunne, Democrat:
"In the wake of a series of heartbreaking events in recent years, I agree with the mayors that we absolutely must take action to prevent future tragedies. My priority is universal background checks to prevent criminals from purchasing guns. This is a real, concrete step we can take in Vermont. I can work with both sides of this very divisive issue to get this done as governor."