Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Mountain National Forest discussed at meeting.

At the February 2012 meeting of the VT. Federation of Sportsmen's Club Officers and Board of Directors,

Steve Roy and Michael Klingensmith from the Green MT National Forest shared information on where
in Vermont is National Forest and the many allowed activities that we can enjoy in the Forest. Both men shared a lot of information on the existing and future habitat for the many animals that inhabit these 1000's of acres. Logging operations are ongoing along with firewood and Christmas tree cutting. Yes, they are working with the Federation to plant apple trees this spring! Steve is a biologist/Natural Resource Staff Officer and Michael is the GMNF Law Enforcement Officer. 
Michael Klingensmith of the U.S. Forest Service relates that Vermont's fish & game and gun laws
are used for the enforcement standard on the Green Mountain National Forest.

Steve Roy of the U.S. Forest Service speaks to the federation about the approximately 400,000
acres of the Green Mountain National Forest that is available for use by Vermonters.