Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 NRA Youth Hunting Education Challenge Aug. 25th, VT F&W Kehoe Camp

 This is the 3rd Annual NRA YHEC

at the Vermont F&W Kehoe Conservation Camp in Bomoseen.
Vermont held the first NRA YHEC in New England in over twenty
years in 2011.  The NRA YHEC is a graduate level of course for
providing young hunters to be safe and successful hunting in the
The theme of Vermont's NRA YHEC is hunters teaching hunters.
This NRA YHEC is a joint project by the Vermont F&W Dept.,
Vermont Bear Hounds Association and the Friends of NRA.
The funding for the NRA YHEC comes from the profits of Vermont's
six Friends of NRA banquets. 
VPT Outdoor Journal link to a video