Tuesday, November 12, 2013

City of Burlington Politicians "You Were Wrong to Tread on Veterans Day"

                                                    Honoring Veterans Day

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs continued our long tradition of honoring the

November 11, Veterans Day, as a day set aside for respecting the service of the active duty
armed forces personnel and veterans of this nation. Service that has been rendered with
sacrifice by our military personnel and their families.  We stand with honoring Veterans Day
by the legal closing of federal, state, county and local government business on this solemn day.
The federation holds it is disheartening that the mayor and city council would allow any activist
events to take place in the city council chambers on Veterans Day.  For this reason the federation
objects to last night's Politically Correct gun control rally, which was thinly disguised as an
"educational forum." 
In allowing the PC gun control rally on Veterans Day the politicians of Burlington have undermined
the sanctity of Veterans Day.  Any political lip service about respecting Veterans Day is worthless
sales talk, for actions speak much louder than mere fancy words of politicians. 
The federation waited until after the PC gun control rally had been held to speak out, so as to not
be falsely accused of working to disrupt the PC rally.  Nor are we not now speaking out to seek
equal city hall access, our objection is to Burlington's politicians wrongly treading on Veterans Day.
It is not surprising that the Burlington politicians who have no respect for the Vermont Sportsmen's
Bill of Rights would have no respect for Veterans Day.  We will not silently endure either insult.
It is most appropriate to contact Mayor Weinberger at 802-865-7272 and the City Council President
Joan Shannon at 802-860-7489 to object to making city hall an activist PC rally site on Veterans Day.
A simple "You Were Wrong to Tread on Veterans Day" should get the conversation moving right along.
 Here is a link to the Burlington Free Press article on the subject. Link