Friday, August 29, 2014

BTV City Council's Ban on guns in bars, unconstitutional

                                          "Gun Owners Not Wanted Here"
A federal court has held a less restrictive ordinance in Baton Rouge, LA to be unconstitutional.
The Burlington City Council put it on the ballot, having told the public that it was only about guns in bars.
The Burlington City Council wants to be able to arrest honest citizens for having an unloaded, firearm
locked in the trunk of a vehicle in a parking lot of a business with a first class liquor license.  90 days
imprisonment, loss of their firearms.  Even if the parking lot was jointly used by other businesses. 
But, it was more than parking lots.  A Burlington motel/hotel with a first class liquor license was off limits
to those with a firearm for use hunting or a shooting match at an area range.  No having their guns in their
room nor in  the parking lot. Off-duty law enforcement were not exempt from this outrageous ballot item.
Repeatedly told it was unconstitutional, the Burlington City Council marched forward to trample gun rights.
Why would any gun owner want to travel into a town where the city council holds them in such contempt?