Friday, September 26, 2014

Candidate Forum at the Lamollle Valley F&G Club (Photos included)

Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives Shap Smith speaks, listens and fields pointed questions.
Let your legislators know "Vermont's current laws serve our state very well."      More below.
Lamoille Valley Fish And Game Club's photo.
Lamoille Valley Fish And Game Club's photo.
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Last night the Lamoille Valley F&G Club held a candidate's forum at their club house in Morrisville. 
The event included a roast turkey dinner.  Nine candidates for the House of Representatives,
including House Speaker Shap Smith, and the Lamoille County's incumbent Senator Richard
Westman, spoke to the group and fielded some pointed questions from club members.

The legislators seeking re-election are warning of a very challenging upcoming 2015-2016 
biennium in the Vermont Legislature with regard to gun control issues.  This is very serious.

The candidates reported that with the election rapidly approaching, followed quickly by the
return of the legislature to Montpelier in January, voters in favor of gun rights should be
making their opinions on gun rights known to the candidates. 

Are you contacting your candidates for office?  If you want to keep your rights, you had better
be talking to them.  Don't think the gun control advocates aren't letting candidates know their
position on promoting a gun control agenda.  There are no free rides in keeping your rights.

Vermont's gun laws serve this state well, which is why we have one of the lowest crime rates
and highest gun safety records in the country.  What problems are gun control advocates 
going to solve by making Vermont's honest citizens jump through their gun control hoops?