Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vermont Gun Control Advocates Prove VTFSC Position

Vermont Gun Control Advocates Prove VTFSC Position

On January 21st, an article appeared in the Burlington Free Press entitled "Online Sting:  Guns go to wrong people".

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs holds that while this report attempts to show how easy it is for prohibited people to get firearms; it instead underscores and proves the Federation's case for opposing the impending gun control legislation.

Using the gun control group's numbers, we see that 7 out of 169 subjects were prohibited persons, and we note that every one of those 7 sales are already prohibited and illegal by existing Federal law. 

This reveals that Vermont gun control advocates are demanding to close down a currently legal process
that allows sales to 96% percent of honest citizens, just to try to block the 4% that were unlawful.

No matter what restrictions are put in place, criminals will always be able to get guns, be it through the use of "straw man" transactions or the completely illegal black market.  This is because they are criminals and criminals break laws.

The only people who would be subject to a "sting" if the gun control advocates get their way are the honest citizens who would be stung by being barred from lawfully purchasing firearms. 

Gun control advocates find that acceptable, the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs and Vermont's large number of lawful gun owners strenuously object.