Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Action Alert: Contact VT House F&W Committee: "No to H.296, H.297 and H.460"

Some serious anti-gun and anti-outdoors sporting bills are assigned to the House Fish & Wildlife Committee.

H.296 would place Vermont's ranges under the control of municipal governments. 
H.297 would restrict the ownership and sale of ivory and rhino horn objects already owned by Vermonters.
H.460 would ban lead ammo for hunting.  At least only for hunting right now.

We all would like to think that these bills would not be going anywhere right but that is just not correct.
There is approximately a month left in the scheduled 2015 legislative year and the closer they get to
the final gavel the quicker the horse trading goes on in the state house. 

Now is the time to contact the members of the House F&W Committee politely say:  "No to H.296, H.297 and H.460"
You can leave them a message with the Sgt-at-Arms at 802-828-2228,  only Monday through Friday. 
House Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources