Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Firearms Owners and Gun Rights Advocates Respond To VPR Poll

Vermont gun control advocates and the politicians who support them have pushed gun control as a top priority issue
in this election.  But, Vermonters have little interest in the issue because Vermont is consistently such a safe state.
Vermonters are concerned about the economy, a balanced state budget and their tax burden.  Vote, Vote, Vote!
Firearms Owners and Gun Rights Advocates Respond To VPR Poll

Response to Vermont Public Radio polling released October 19, 2016 – why Vermont needs no more new gun laws. On behalf of the organizations listed below:

"Lawful Vermont firearm owners should be encouraged that the poll revealed one major fact about Vermonters sentiments at this crucial moment in the 2016 election cycle. Vermont voters see no need for new gun laws. Vermont voters clearly want politicians of all stripes and at all levels of state government to concentrate on the myriad other issues at the top of their minds like taxes and the economy. Despite being provided an open question as to their priorities this year, barely 1% suggested "guns" as a top issue priority.