Monday, February 27, 2017

And it just keeps coming...

Gun control advocates are pursuing H.422 as the lead weapon in their campaign for gun control laws.  If H.422 were passed into law, during the investigation of domestic violence, police will be
able to seize firearms without a court order, as if the guns were contraband, like illegal drugs.  It has long been a goal of the gun control element to have firearms reduced to the status of contraband.
If H.422 becomes law, Vermonters will be well on their way from having firearms rights, to having mere gun privileges. Say goodbye to Due Process of Law for the property rights of gun owners.

To oppose the gun control bill H.422 you can call the Sergeant-At-Arms at 802-828-2228 and leave the polite message "No to H.422 and any other gun control bills" for Representative
Eileen Dickinson (R) St. Albans, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee.   H.422 is assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.  

If H.422 passes this year, it will be opening season on gun control and hunting and trapping ban bills for the rest of 2017 and 2018 in the Vermont State House.

House Bills

H.6   This bill would allow Montpelier to block public access on the Berlin Pond, located completely in the Town of Berlin.  It bans paddle craft, fishing trapping & migratory bird hunting.
          It violates the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill Rights and the Public Trust Doctrine.  PTD holds that open public bodies of water are to be open to the public.
H.31  This bill would legalize the use of firearm suppressors for hunting.
H.40  This would ban/restrict the use of internal combustion engines on public water sources.
H.44 This bill would allow the carrying of a handgun and/or a bow after the close of the legal hunting day.  (Retrieval Purposes)
H.58  This bill would allow hunting & fishing licenses at no cost to persons 65 years of age or older.
H.59  This bill relates to technical corrections.

H.60  This bill would create a study on the hunting of coyotes.  It is a first step towards limiting the taking of coyotes to a single 2 week season.
H.61  This bill would create a designation of heritage trout waters, where trout would have to released immediately upon being caught.
H.151  This bill is a worse version of the Senate bill S.6 that would require a Mandatory Reporting Check for the private sale of firearms.

H.188 This bill that would increase the penalties for animal cruelty, but raises concerns for dog owners who hunt with dogs.
H.210 This bill addresses an antlerless deer permit when land is posted as open to hunting and fishing by permission only.
H.211 This bill relates to water resources and water supplies of the Stale.
H.220 This bill ban/severely restricts the sale of ivory or rhinoceros horn.
H.276 This bill would control the power of municipalities  to regulate knives. 
H.277  This bill would allow the use of lights for hunting coyotes at night.
H.422 This bill would allow police to seize dangerous weapons during a domestic violence investigation without a court order.  It would firearms to be treated as contraband.

Senate Bills

S.6  This bill would require a Mandatory Reporting Check for the private sale of firearms.  Checks the honest citizens will have to pay for and the criminals will evade.
S.20  This bill would allow hunting & fishing licenses at no cost to persons 65 years of age or older.

S.75  This bill relates to aquatic nuisance species control.

S.80  This bill relates to allowing correctional officer in the field, such as Probation & Parole Officers, to carry firearm.