Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Gun Ban is Here In Vermont ! Take Action!

IMG_0482.JPG         ACTION ALERT         IMG_0482.JPG


Contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee and tell them to OPPOSE  the LaLonde Amendment to S.55.


This amendment bans rifles for cosmetic reasons

sets a 10 round magazine capacity limit

creates a ten-day waiting period for firearms purchases

requires safe storage of all firearms

It will make most semi-automatic handguns illegal.


This is how these people work the process is:

1. Limit     2. Register     3. Confiscate

That is exactly how it has gone down in California and New York


Don't offer to plead or negotiate for less worse terms:   "No to S.55" 


Call the Sergeant-at-Arms at 802-828-2228 and ask for a message saying




House Judiciary members:


Rep. Maxine Grad, Chair (

Rep. Charles Conquest, Vice Chair (

Rep. Thomas Burditt, Ranking Member (

Rep. Selene Colburn (

Rep. Eileen Dickinson (

Rep. Kimberly Jessup (

Rep. Martin LaLonde (

Rep. Ruqaiyah "Kiah" Morris (

Rep. Barbara Rachelson (

Rep. Gary Viens (

Rep. Janssen Willhoit (