Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Burlington City Council Votes on three gun control resolutions

                             Attack Continues of Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights
There was a huge turnout of pro-gun supporters at the Burlington City Council meeting
over four gun issues before the council.  Three of the measures passed.  But the big
ticket issue, a mandatory permit for concealed carry of firearms, failed in a 7-5 vote. 
The three that passed were: no guns in bars or restaurants, the police being able to
seize firearms at the scene of a reported crime of domestic violence and a mandatory
firearm storage ordinance.  But, the process of becoming law is far from over. 

The gun control ordinance proposals still face more review in the city.  If the three
resolutions get passed by Burlington voters.  It is then off to the Vermont Legislature
where the issues will have to survive an intensive legislative process.  For the shooting/
outdoors community is going to vigorously defend the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights

The shooting/outdoors sporting community obviously gets was not willing to accept: that
if the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights gets pried open in Burlington, then all of the
rights protected by it become targets in an open season of anti-freedoms attack.

But the city council could not have missed the fact that there were so many pro-gun people
present that the city council ordered the upstairs balcony opened to accommodate the crowd. 
The crowd wore lots of gun/hunter oriented clothing and displayed hunter orange handbills
with "NO to Burlington Gun Control" clearly visible and the crowd would wave the handbills in
support of speakers making points they supported.  It was a World Series of Gun Rights. 

The Charter Change Committee had already pulled the semi-automatic firearms and
magazine size restriction proposals out consideration by the full city council.  As the
pro-gun ranks continue to battle, the agenda of the gun control decreases.  
This is all very far from over.