Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thank You to all of the folks who stood up for the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs extends its gratitude to all
of the folks who called and/or E-mailed the city officials of Burlington in
opposition to the gun control ordinances the city council and mayor are

A very special thanks to all of the folks who were there on Monday night.
It takes a unique devotion to freedom and protecting our Vermont
Sportsmen's Bill of Rights to show up at a public event after a long day.

A salute to all who stand up for the rights we have inherited and to protect
those rights for future generations.  This battle with Burlington is far from
over and we will stand together in the upcoming steps in protecting freedom.
We started out with 200 hunter orange handbills and only had 13 left.  For
the public testimony perdition of the city council meeting the chamber was
standing room only the second floor balcony had to opened to make room
for our folks.  The VPR photo below was taken during a break in the
proceeding and many people had left the room.  Antis are wearing green shirts.