Monday, April 7, 2014

Why All Shooters/Outdoor Sporting Folks need our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights

All during Burlington attacking our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights
the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs has telling the shooting/
outdoor sporting of the danger to more than gun rights.
Attached is the City of Montpelier continuing the battle that they lost in
the Vermont Supreme Court.  A battle won in large part to our Vermont
Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.  24 VSA Section 2295. 
For years the City of Montpelier banned public access to the Berlin Pond.
A open body of water, owned by the public, and located completely in the
Town of Berlin.  Montpelier police officers would arrest anyone caught on
the pond fishing or migratory bird hunting. 
They arrested Rick Sanborn, owner of R&L Archery, who went onto to the
pond in a paddle craft to challenge Montpelier's enforcement.  The
Washington County State's Office refused to prosecute the case.  So,
Montpelier sued Rick Sanborn for being on the Berlin Pond. 
The Barre F&G Club and the VFSC donated funds to the legal case.
In summary, the legal battle ended up in the Vermont Supreme Court and
Sanborn's attorney cited the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights as barring
Montpelier from this nonsense.  Rick Sanborn won.
Rick Sanborn then sued Montpelier and the case was recently settled. 
For those who think the VFSC's fight to protect our Vermont Sportsmen's
Bill of Rights was only about guns or only about Burlington, this is why
the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights is so important and must be
This law protects gun ownership, shooting, hunting, shooting ranges, fishing
and trapping.  It is the statutory law that defends your rights and property.
By the way, last year the City of Montpelier tried to get the Town of Berlin to
ban fishing shanties because the shanties could be used by terrorists.  No
kidding, Montpelier made this case to the Berlin Select Board.
Stand with the VFSC in defending our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.

FYI.  Looks like this will get interesting.
Evan Hughes
Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs