Monday, March 24, 2014

Public Records Request

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Bob Rusten, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Burlington

149 Church Street

Burlington, VT 05401


Date:   March 24, 2014


Re:       Freedom of Information – Public Records Request


Mr. Rusten -


In addition to coming Friday to review additional documents and an updated exemption log, this message hereby specifically extends the range of times covered by all of VFSC's public records requests, on all subjects and records responsive to such records requests, up through and including the date of this message.


In other words, to the extent that the searches, records provided, and materials alleged to be exempt by the City have thus far been up through and including any of VFSC's requests in late 2013, or any other date before today, we now want all records within such the subjects and parameters of any and all VFSC requests to date, for records created or acquired up through and including today.


Inasmuch as VFSC's initial records request in September also gave clear notice of the potential of pending or threatened litigation, and as clearly and correctly acknowledged in an early October memorandum from Scott Schrader to the City Council and others, the City should be preserving, and not discarding or deleting, any such records up through now, and in the future, and until all legislative and potential post-legislative litigation issues are concluded, or VFSC releases the notice of litigation hold.


VFSC makes this additional extension of its earlier records requests without waiving or conceding any other rights or remedies.


Further, VFSC requests, per Title 1, Chapter 5, Subchapter 3, any and all any written or recorded information, regardless of physical form or characteristics that reflects any and all resources expended by the City of Burlington from January 1, 2012 through the date of this letter - such as time of any employees, and compensation information for all such employees, along with any and all sums paid to individuals or entities other than the City - in connection with the City's contemplation, exploration, or pursuit of any and all measures that, if enacted, would in any way result in any restriction on firearms or ammunition in Burlington or anywhere else in Vermont.

VFSC also requests a full and complete copy of any records relating to proposed charter changes that the City has submitted to any public employee or official (whether elected or appointed, and at any level of government, both state and local, and in any branch) following the March 2014 vote.


Finally, VFSC requests a count of any/ all records still awaiting review or release to VFSC.



Evan Hughes

Vice President - Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs


CC:       Burlington City Mayor - Miro Weinberger

            Burlington City Chief of Staff – Mike Kanarick

Burlington City Attorney - Eileen Blackwood

Burlington Assistant City Attorney - Eugene Bergman

Burlington City Councilors