Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Federation (hunter orange) postcard sent to VT legislators seeking re-election

The incumbents running for re-election today should start receiving the Vermont
Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs postcard that is an attachment to this E-mail.  The
postcard corrects misinformation of gun control advocates and proves that Vermont
is not a major gun source for Massachusetts.  Nor, any other states.
The numbers cited are as displayed on the BATFE Gun Trace Back web sites
for the years 2011-2013.  The BATFE data shows Vermont is not a major gun
source state, as reported by WCAX News on June 10. 
The Boston Globe reported on April 24, that Massachusetts is the source of 46 percent
of the handguns in Boston that were traced back to the gun's state of origin.  In spite of
the extremely restrictive Massachusetts gun control laws.
Massachusetts public officials and gun control advocates have long blamed other states
for guns in Massachusetts.  But, the BATFE data has shown and the Boston Globe have
reported, that Massachusetts is the largest source state for the guns its own state officials
have traced back to the gun's state of origin. 
To inaccurately claim that Vermont is a major source of guns in other states defames the
character of the people of Vermont and demeans the value of the products and services
Vermonters sell and certainly does not help in promoting Vermont's tourism.