Friday, October 3, 2014

State Senate Candidates at Barre F&G Club (Photos)

Are you speaking with your legislative candidates?
Last evening the Barre F&G Club had its monthly officer and trustee
meeting. The Washington County candidates for the Vermont State
Senate were offered an opportunity to address the meeting.
Washington County has three state senate seats.
Incumbent senators Ann Cummings, Anthony Pollina, Bill Doyle and
former state representative Patrica MacDonald, all candidates for
the three senate seats, addressed those present and fielded pointed
questions from the officers and trustees.
Photos of the three incumbents speaking are above. Candidate Pat
MacDonald arrived later in the meeting and the person taking photos,
Charles Ferry, had left with Senator Doyle.  So, there are no photos
available of Pat McDonald addressing those present.
FYI, the Barre Fish & Game Club is managed by a Board of 50 trustees.