Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fwd: Barre F&G Club has Washington County Senators in for a session on gun control legislation

Last evening, Feb. 19, the Barre F&G Club conducted a session with the Washington County
Senators on gun control legislation, particularly S.31.  There were approximately 50 folks from
the club and Senators Bill Doyle, Ann Cummings and Anthony Pollina present.  A photo of the
 room is an attachment, as is the VTFSC position on opposing all of S.31 and any new gun
controls laws, as they are completely unnecessary.
After a preliminarily update of the status of gun control bills, Chris Bradley and Evan Hughes of
 the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, used the three charts below to to prove Vermont
is continuously one of the  very lowest crime rate states and a model for gun safety.  Vermont is
not a major source of guns to other states and that any new  gun control laws are unnecessary
because Vermont's current laws work well for our state.
Other clubs and/organizations would be wise to have similar get together with  their legislators
Particularly, their state senators, to say "No to all sections of S.31" and   "No to gun control laws"