Tuesday, February 24, 2015

H.296, a bill to kick VT shooting ranges

Two members of the Vermont House of Representatives, Rep. Allison Clarkson
and Rep. David Deen,  have introduced a bill to repeal the protections provided
to Vermont sport shooting ranges by the Range Protection Act of 2006. 
H.296 has been assigned to the House Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water
Resources.   Bill sponsor David Deen is the chairman of this committee.

Are you getting the message that there are legislators who believe Vermont's
shooters and hunters are the enemy?  We warned folks about this bill being
introduced as the request of the Vermont League of Cities & Towns.

If you have a problem with this bill call your state representatives at 802-828-2228
Next week all legislators are off for the entire week of Town Meeting Day and
it would be an excellent time to meet your senators and representatives and
at the polls or call them to politely and candidly relate "No to gun control bills"
You also might want to ask what happened to the legislator's message right
after the November elections that they "got it" about the voter's concerns
about the state budget deficit, the state economy and property taxes?
Gun control bills in our state, with one of the consistently lowest violent crime
rates is going to balance our taxes and fix bridges and roads?