Monday, July 27, 2015

Youth Waterfowlers training day!

The Youth Waterfowl Hunter Training is a cooperative effort to instruct young waterfowlers ages 12-15 in a variety of sessions both indoors and outdoors to be more responsible and aware waterfowl hunters.  Some of the sessions include Waterfowl ID, regulations, duck and goose calling, decoy sets, trap and skeet shooting, hunting/boat safety and others.  The day is a full day 8 AM to 5 PM at the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County on Saturday, August 22.  Youth hunters must have an adult mentor accompany them for the day.  Each adult can mentor up to 2 youth. 

The refuge has established 11 youth hunter areas on the refuge that are available to youth hunters for the first 4 weekends of the waterfowl season (this includes Youth waterfowl weekend Sept 26 & 27).  A drawing for the 11 blind sites will be held during the Youth Waterfowl Hunter Training Day.   Please have any interested waterfowlers contact me or 802-868-4781 with questions or more information.  Send me an email or give a call if you need more specific information. Thanks,  Dave