Sunday, May 8, 2016

Accomplished in the 2015-2016, biennium of the Vermont Legislature.

A quick assessment as to what was accomplished in the 2015-2016, biennium of the Vermont Legislature.

* Stopped Mandatory Registration Gun Background Checks (S.31)

* Stopped banning of lead ammo for hunting (H.460)

* Stopped a House Resolution that would have municipal charter change ordinance bills to proceed directly to the house floor without going to the Government Operations Committee (H.R. 11)

* Stopped two separate sets of three City of Burlington Gun Control Ordinances (H.90, H.91 and H.92 in 2015 and H.566, H.567 and H.568 in 2016)

* Stopped Insurance Companies from being required by the state to have gun owners report guns in their homes to the insurance company.(H.709)

* Stopped the banning of public access on Berlin Pond. (H.33 and H.871)

* Ivory and rhino horn ban bill failed.  (H.297)
  H.297 as it passed the senate and ended without passing:

* Passed H.570 highlights:
                        -The possession and use of suppressors permanently lawful in Vermont.  Sunset was repealed.
                        -F&W penalties made more uniform.
                        -Now possible for ranges undertaking construction for safety, lead abatement or environment purposes to not have to obtain an Act 250 permit.
                        -Repeals the ban of felt waders for fishing.
  H.570 as passed starts on 1694 and range section is on page 1710:

These are just a few of the many bills that required action to protect your rights.