Monday, February 25, 2013

NY Gun Rally in Albany, NY on Thursday 2/28 (See NY State Video Included)

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association (NYSRPA) is NY's NRA State Association,
(as the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs is VT's)
The NYSRPA has filed a lawsuit over NY's recent draconian gun law (SAFE ACT)
and on Thursday, February 28th the NYSRPA is holding a gun rights rally at the
Capitol Park next to the Legislative Office Building State at 198 State Street, Albany.
Special Guest Speaker NRA President David Keene
The event will at NOON on Thursday, February 28, but there will be things going on
earlier.  The NYSRPA goal is to get 10,000 supporters at the rally.  They have called
twice looking to Vermonters for support. 
Down below are important informational pointers for those who will attend.

(NYSRPA Call for for Support is below)
We need your, everyone of you. Please join us on Feb 28 at the NYS State house lawn to stop the NY Safe Act
NYSRPA:  518-272-2654
These are information points provided for the event by a NY gun group
The rally will take place at the park next to the legislative office building.

You will have to walk thru a security check point to enter the well.

Do NOT bring a firearm, pocket knife, it will be taken .

Do not wear camo clothing. The media will single you out.

NRA, SCOPE or other 2nd amendment attire is definitely endorsed.

Always be polite and respectful in Albany, as gun owners we are scrutinized under a microscope.

It does not help our cause to make statements we may regret later.