Friday, February 8, 2013

Vermont Gun Control Bills: Now H.243

Vermont Gun Control Bills keep popping out in the Vermont House
of Representatives.  Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson's latest, H.243,
just emerged.   This will not be the last gun control bill, not close.

H.243 would is not just be a gun control bill, it is a private property
control bill.  H.243 is an attachment to this E-Mail.
On Tuesday, February 12th, starting at 5 P.M. the Vermont Federation
of Sportsmen's Clubs has booked the cafeteria on the second story of
the Vermont State House for our Annual Legislative Mixer.  We have
invited the members of the legislature to get together with the outdoor
sporting/shooting community of Vermont.
Once again, the federation will provide great snacks and beverages.

We will have some speakers and you will also get to speak directly to
your legislators and some government agency officials.  You can ask
them, politely, questions you might have for them.  You might want to
contact them and tell them you will be there and like to speak with
them, maybe even about some of the bills you have seen this year.

Here is a hint:  Politicians like to ask you questions, so they aren't
answering yours.  If you don't like something, tell them.  And you do
not have to justify your position.   They are good at this, so stay firm.

Remember, they serve us and the constitution.  Not the other way around.