Thursday, February 28, 2013

Town Meeting Day Elections VOTE!

Town Meeting Day is rapidly approaching and too many
folks in our community do not take local voting seriously. 
Back in the days when freedom was taken seriously in
Vermont the Town Meeting was seen as critical.  Critical
to the elections for the administration of local government.

Today too many people in our community see these ballots
as not very important where more control seems to be
driven by Montpelier and Washington.  But, the items up
for vote on Town Meeting Day are crucial to the way your
municipality is run, how much you pay in taxes and how
your money is spent.  Vote.

Too many people are disengaged when this is a "boots
on the ground" level of controlling your future.  There are
too many "think globally, act locally" social issues on the
ballots up for grab.  Vote.

The local officials who get elected run your town or city,
determine how your local government is run and how
much of your money you get to keep and how when they
can get from you is spent.  You can actually end up funding
the policies and programs that attack your freedoms.  Vote

The municipal and school officials who get elected on Town
Meeting Day are the state legislators are the state-wide office
holders of tomorrow.   Pat Leahy, Bernie Sanders and Peter
Welch all started at lower level offices, right?  Vote

If you don't vote, then if you ever do complain to one of
elected officials all they have to do is check at town or
city clerks office to see if you voted.  If you have not,
they can just disregard whatever your point of issue.
You don't vote so you do not exist in the political world.

Voting is not only a right, it is a responsibility and it is
your duty.  People all the world are in envy of your right
to vote.  You can even vote by Early Voter Ballot.  Vote.