Friday, March 15, 2013

Crossover Day in the Vermont State House has passed...

To All,  
Evan and I left the Vermont State House late this afternoon after careful watching of the gun control and sportsmen bills that were introduced.  We are happy to report that the gun control bills that were introduced this year have had no movement.

Today was the important "Crossover Day".  Although it is unlikely these gun control bills could see action this year, it is not impossible.  However, we do feel there is very little danger in any gun control bill(s) passing both houses this year.

We are extremely proud of you.  You have done a tremendous job in holding the gun control bills at bay.  Evan and I want to thank you for taking our e-mails seriously.  We have tried very hard to keep you informed of the happenings at the State House.  We also appreciate you calling, sending e-mails to legislators, speaking to your own legislators and standing with us at the Pro-Gun Rally.  

Evan and I will continue to monitor the bills, very closely, of what is happening at the State House and keep you informed.  

Again, Thank you, be proud of what you all have accomplished.  Is it over? NO! We have to deal with the Federal level proposed bills, while we keep our eyes on the State level proposed bills.

Great Job!

Clint Gray,
Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc.