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Legislative Deadline Looms As Anti-Gun Forces Make Late Push

Vermont: Legislative Deadline Looms As Anti-Gun Forces Make Late Push

Posted on March 8, 2013
The Vermont Legislature will hit its "Crossover" deadline on Friday, March 15, their timeline for passing bills from one chamber to the other.   The 2013 session has seen several anti-gun bills introduced in the Legislature, including semi-auto bans, magazine capacity limits, waiting periods and mandatory storage laws, among others.
On Wednesday, March 13, Gun Sense Vermont is planning a rally at the state  Capitol in Montpelier where they plan to deliver 3,000 signatures on a petition to Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott (R).  This petition calls for adopting anti-Second Amendment bills that will do nothing to address crime.  Vermont already has some of the lowest crime rates in the country. 
Gun owners need to make their voices heard to counter the clamor from the gun-grabbers.   Make sure your state lawmakers know that the vast majority of Vermonters OPPOSE additional gun control. 
Please continue to call and e-mail your state legislators and respectfully ask them to oppose the following bills:
House Bill 124 by Representative Linda Waite-Simpson bans commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines and criminalization of private transfers.
House Bill 125 by Representative Linda Waite-Simpson – Establishes a repository for the disposition of firearms.
House Bill 243, sponsored by Representative Alison Clarkson establishes stringent and impractical firearm storage requirements.
 House Bill 335, sponsored by Representative George Till (D-Chittenden-3),requires a 48-hour waiting period  for all gun sales by firearms dealers.
                                 48 Hour Wait period = End of Gun Shows
House Bill 336 sponsored by Representative George Till (D-Chittenden-3), establishes a fine of up to $1,000 and a prison sentence up to three years for anyone who points a firearm in the direction of another person.  It does not make an exemption for individuals acting in self-defense.
Contact your state legislators TODAY!  
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