Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fox 44 News: Gun Control Rally inside the Vermont State House
This morning gun control supporters were inside the Cedar Creek Room of the
Vermont State House calling for the enact of gun control laws, like H.124. They
were specifically calling for a ban on certain types of semi-automatic firearms.  
At the same time at this event there were several Vermont gun rights lobbyists 
in the state house in the committee rooms where hearings were being held on
bills that were related to guns/hunting, but not related directly to gun control.
Darin Goens, the NRA-ILA State Liaison for Vermont, was also busy in the
state house. 
Friday is Crossover Day, which means that a bill that has not emerged from its
committee of origin will not be taken up by the other house in that year.  So,
if H.124 were not to emerge from the House Judiciary Committee by the close
of business on Friday, it would not be taken up by the Senate this year.
This is why the gun control advocates are pushing hard this week for action on
H.124 and other gun control bills.