Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A new question about Burlington's City Council President Shannon's explanation to WPTZ accurate?

                                      Another Question about Burlington City President Shannon's Explanation
                                                A question about an entirely different Shannon Explanation
                                 Would you like to ask other Burlington City Council members for their thoughts?

On Sunday night's WPTZ Channel 5, News at 6 PM broadcast, Burlington City Council President Joan Shannon
about an E-mail discussion between and her Charter Change Committee Chair Rachel Siegel.
You look at the quote down below, from Joan Shannon said to WPTZ .  She is wrong. There were no "employed
lobbyist" of the "gun industry" at the January 7th meeting or any other Burlington City Council public hearing.  Nor at
the Charter Change Committee meetings.  So, there certainly weren't "a lot of people by employed by the gun lobby" there.
“There are a lot of people who are employed by the gun lobby who show up during the day,” she said. “It was merely an estimate of how many people would show up. Usually nobody shows up for Charter Change Committee meetings, and I noted that in a meeting about guns, you can draw a crowd.”
She parrots the mantra of the gun control advocates that anybody who opposes their agenda is from the "gun industry"
or gun "lobby" She just can not grasp that all of those people who show are Vermonters who are protecting their rights.
Protecting their Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.                        Was Shannon's explanation accurate. You decide? 
Carefully read the WPTZ article accompanies the video.  The WPTZ article has much more information than the video. 
You just might want to drop an E-mail to the folks at Burlington City Hall. You can just place the
question below in the subject line and lift the E-mail addresses to send an E-mail to these officials
to give them a change to chime in on the extreme contrast between her explanation and her E-mail.
All of the members of the city council need to have your questions posed so that they have grounds to challenge the accuracy of the statements/explanations of their city council president. 
Just politely ask: "Does Joan Shannon really believe her gun lobby E-mail explanation?"  Their E-mail addresses are below.