Sunday, March 2, 2014

Full Page Ad running in the Burlington Free Press on Sunday

                    Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
                               Burlington Free Press Ad
Today the Burlington Free Press has a full-page ad paid for by the VFSC
and opposing the three proposed gun control ordinances articles on the
Burlington ballot on Tuesday.  The ad is an attachment to this E-mail.
From the radio ads that have been running on several radio stations in
the Burlington area and beyond, the lawn signs displayed in Burlington,
to this BFP ad, all are the product of lots of work and the funds donated
by many Vermonters who believe freedom is always worth protecting. 
The radio ads and BFP ad were necessary to outset the misinformation
being published about the actual content of the proposed ordinances.
Burlington has used their Town Meeting Day ballot to attack our
Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights, which prevents a patchwork
of confusing and conflicting municipal laws that ban/regulate guns,
shooting, hunting, reloading, fishing and trapping.  Ranges are protected.
Burlington politicians and gun control activist have been very clear
that they are using Burlington as their starting point for going after the
Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.  Our folks should vote every time
the polls are open.   On Tuesday, the Burlington voters who want to
protect their freedom need to cast their votePlease Vote "No on 6,7,8"