Saturday, May 24, 2014

Berlin Pond Hearing on Tuesday Evening

The current issue of "The Bridge" the Montpelier-based newspaper
has several different items in the paper supporting the banning of
public recreational use of the Berlin Pond. 
Those calling for the Agency of Natural Resources to ban recreational
use of the Berlin Pond are still beating on the same drum of the pond
being unique and wanting to deny public recreational access.

The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that the Berlin Pond is a body
of water that belongs to the public.  Though the pond is Montpelier's
source of drinking water, the city has a state of the art water treatment
with excess capacity.  Canoeing, kayaking or swimming won't kill anyone.
Those opposing public use have actually argued that ice fishing shanties
on the pond could be a resource for terrorists.  Yes, they really did...
Those arguing to close the pond are saying that there are other public
resources.  So, go use them and leave Berlin Pond to just them.  The
people who want to close off those other public natural resources can
make the very same case.  Public natural resources belong to the public.

If you want public natural resources kept open to the public you can attend
the public meeting on this at the Berlin Elementary School on Tuesday
night, 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.  And you can politely tell ANR to "Keep the
Berlin Pond Open for Public Use" at: