Monday, May 5, 2014

IDPA and other Practical Pistol matches coming to St. Albans.

The Sportsman's Club of Franklin County(SCFC)) in St Albans will be starting practical shooting matches and intro clinics this summer. 
The club has currently 2 bays to use. They will be ramping up this summer. So far this is what we have planned and scheduled:
  • Wed May 7th and 21st(5pm-7pm)- Intro to Practical Pistol Clinic(FREE); -What you need for gear, rules for IDPA/USPSA/SCSA, and how a match is shot. Classroom stuff and for those that have never shot a match. Bring your holsters and gun(UNLOADED and CASED) and see what you can shoot. No ammo needed. Discounts from Safariland will be available.
  • Saturday July 12th, IPDA Safety Officer certification class Cost: FREE to SCFC members and those that want to volunteer to be Club Safety Officer's. Else To be Nationally "IDPA Certified" you must meet their requirements and take the test; $15(SCFC Members) $50(Non-SCFC Member)
We will add more events and matches for the following groups once volunteers and equipment becomes available. 

The club wants to host the following matches
  • IDPA- SCFC will be a "registered" club for IDPA matches and will be hosting Monthly IDPA matches and mini/practice matches during the weekday evenings.
  • USPSA "outlaw/practice" matches, monthly and weekday evenings. registered matches/classifiers(TBD)
  • Steel Challenge- TBD once we get our steel targets.

Volunteers needed and the match schedules will be posted at;
And our Facebook page:
Questions can be sent to:

We are looking at running a practice matches(1 field or 1 or 2 "classifier" drill stages)  during the week in the evening