Wednesday, May 14, 2014

VSRPA Match Schedule

Vermont State Rifle & Pistol Association
454 South Main Street, Northfield VT, 05663
May 14th, 2014
Greetings High-Power Rifle Enthusiasts!
As the 2014 High-Power Rifle Shooting Season is about to start, the VSRPA wanted to take a moment of your time to touch base and to remind you of our website located at
First off, the Memorial Day Matches are just 10 days away - and there is still plenty of time to get registered.  As usual, Saturday 5/24 will be the Vermont State High-Power Championships on range 4-1.  Sunday 5/25 will be the Vermont State Mid-Range Prone/F-Class Championships on Range 4-1, while down on range 3-2 we will be holding two separate matches:  An "as-issued" M1 Garand match which will be followed by a 1903 Springfield Match.  For Monday we are pleased to inform you that the Camp Ethan Allen Training Site (CEATS) leadership has again allowed the VSRPA to use range 4-1 for an Excellence In Competition (EIC/"Leg") match for Memorial Day proper - so the more non-distinguished shooters who compete, the more points that will be available to win towards the highly-coveted CMP Distinguished Rifleman Award.
Secondly:  Beyond the Memorial Day matches we have at least three matches a month scheduled across the summer along with 3 high-power rifle clinics scheduled;  you can find our full schedule at this link.  Clicking that link will take you to our 2014 Schedule, and by clicking on the links in that schedule you can bring up the appropriate registration form for that match or clinic.
Thirdly:  If you have not renewed your membership now might be a good time to consider doing so, and you can find the membership application at this link.
Finally, for all of you who would like to become more involved with running matches (the more people we have that can safely run a match the more matches we can schedule), we can set you up with Range Safety Officer (RSO) training in addition to Officer In Charge (OIC) training...just contact either Steve Lawler (VP of High-Power Shooting) or Chris Bradley to learn more.
Hope to see you soon on the firing line!
Best Regards,
Chris S. Bradley - Secretary, VSRPA