Sunday, June 22, 2014

NRA Women On Target held at Barre F&G Club

Yesterday the Barre Fish & Game Club conducted its first 2014 NRA Women On Target event. 
The NRA WOT event was conducted by volunteer instructors & range safety personnel from
the Barre F&G Club and several other Vermont clubs/shooting organizations.  
During this NRA WOT event eighteen women students received training on safe handgun use. 
NRA WOT events are low-key training clinics, pleasant and informative for the students.

This NRA WOT event was funded by a grant made possible by the profits from Vermont's
six Friends of NRA banquets.  The grant was administered by the Vermont Federation of
Sportsmen's Clubs. 
The next NRA Women On Target event at the Barre F&G Club will be on July 12th and
for more information please contact Cyndy Jones at