Saturday, June 28, 2014

Want to contact Rutland Mayor on "Duty to Flee" legal standard?

Would you like to inquire with the Mayor of the City of Rutland about the
"Duty To Flee" legal standard cited by Rutland City Police Sgt. John Sly?
In the last sentence of the article by Brent Curtis that was on page A5 of
the Saturday, June 28 issue of The Times Argus it was reported in the
closing segment of the article:
Rutland Police Sgt. John Sly said the policy adopted by Mac's and many other stores
was designed to enhance employee protections, not thwart them.

"If the clerks are carrying (guns), the suspects will begin carrying, and you'd have
running gun battles in stores...," he said.

"The clerks are well within their rights to carry (a gun), and everyone always has a
right to protection their life or that of another," Sly said.

"But the courts have ruled that a person's first option must be to flee and not to take
a stand and engage in the use of deadly force except as a last resort," he added.
                                                                                                                          (Home#)            (Office#)
Mayor Christopher C.           773-5780       773-1800
Mayor Louras is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns
President of the Board of Aldermen                                              (Home#) 
David Allaire:                                                   775-2162
Both have listed their home telephone numbers on the City of Rutland
official web site.  They are willing to take telephone calls at home.