Saturday, March 21, 2015

Federation Position on S.141

Federation Position on S.141


From:             Evan Hughes, VP of NRA Affairs

Date:              Friday, 3/21/2015 @ 6:49PM


The Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee this morning passed out its amended version of the bill S.141.  S.141 was formed from the remaining sections of S.31 after the mandatory background check section was removed.

Though S.141 has been improved by the amendments it is still unnecessary legislation that is being pushed on a national gun control agenda that if enacted would not reduce violence crime or increase gun safety.


S.141 will be on the senate floor for a vote on Tuesday morning.  If passed it will go on to a final senate vote on Wednesday and if it again passed, it will go to the House of Representatives.  If you have an opportunity to speak to your senator please do so.

 Vermont has been and remains:


  • ·        Consistently has one of the very lowest violent crime rates.
  • ·        Constantly has one of the very highest gun safety records.
  • ·        Is not a major source of guns going to other states.

S.141, like all laws that attempt to deter crime or solve other social problems by regulating guns, instead of more enforcement of existing laws, will not work. 

S.141, like its source of origin S.31, is a political solution in search of problem.  

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs has long held that good laws achieve sound public policy and are in compliance with the federal and state constitutions.


As S.141 does not meet these standards and is unnecessary the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs must oppose S.141 being enacted into law.