Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vermont Gun Owners: Here is your best chance for 2016 to tell your legislators face-to-face...

Have you seen H.296?  The supporters of this bill want to restrict Vermont's gun ranges and also put the range
operations under the control of the municipalities.  Undoing our Range Protection Act of 2006.
The legislators are home all this week.  Our folks need to politely and firmly tell them: "No Gun Control, Period"
No debating with the legislators, no taking quiz questions from them.  Just a clear message: "No Gun Control, Period"
Many legislators will be at the polls on Tuesday, when you vote they will likely be outside the polling place.  "No Gun Control, Period"
Besides S.31.  There are now five clearly antigun bills in the Vermont House of Representatives. 
Burlington's three bill attack on the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.  Any one these pass, the entire bill of rights is useless
H.250    This is a virtual copy of S.31 and it was introduced after the public hearing in the state house on S.31.