Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vermont lead ammo ban bill H.460

The big time gun control lobbyists Vermont gun control groups have hired have long been telling
the members of the Vermont Legislature that the demographics of Vermont have changed.
That the population of hunters/shooters in Vermont has greatly diminished to a pack of whipped
curs that will tolerate any gun control legislation that they want to inflict upon these political mutts. 
So, all of the anti-gun/anti-hunting groups want to pile upon the beaten hunting/shooting ranks.
Here is the lead ammo ban bill that we have been telling you the anti-hunting groups have for you.
Now, here it is H.460.   
You legislators are off this week.  You can contact them starting on Monday at 802-828-2228.  Telling them "No on Gun Control"
House members:
H.460 joins the following other gun control bills.
Besides S.31. There are now five clearly antigun bills in the Vermont House of Representatives.
Burlington's three bill attack on the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights. Any one these passes, the entire VSBR bill of rights is useless.
H.250, This is a virtual copy of S.31 and it was introduced after the public hearing in the state house on S.31.
H.296, the bill to dismantle the Vermont Range Protection Act of 2006.