Sunday, January 31, 2016

Alert! Another NEW serious legislative weapon to outflank our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights

                 Additional NEW Language in your Message to Legislators
If you think the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights is not under attack, or is does impact your outdoor sporting/shooting rights
or there are threats to your range, look at what has been introduced in the Vermont State House: H.R.11.
H.R. 11 would allow municipal charter change bills, which could well seek exemptions to the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights,
to avoid the committee process and go directly to the floor.  Charter change bills are assigned to the House Government Operations
Committee, which is where we have our best opportunity to challenge gun control aspects of charter change bills.
The committee process is a fundamental value of the Vermont Legislature.  To introduce legislation to allow charter change bills
to avoid this process an extreme departure from the basic manner in which the legislature has long operated.  But, if H.R. 11
were enacted it would  allow charter change bills to go right to the house floor, giving us little time or process with which to challenge
charter change attacks to our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights:
Is it mere coincidence that H.R. 11 is posted on the very same day as the Burlington Gun Control charter change bills are having
a hearing before the House Government Operations Committee? 
You need to contact your House of Representative member(s) by leaving them a message with the Sgt-At-Arms staff 
at 802-828-2228 to politely say "No New Gun Control Laws, No to H.R. 11, Protect our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights"
If you are uncertain as to who is your Representative(s) in the Vermont House see:
or you can leave a message with Rep. Patrick Brennan the House Chairman of the Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus.
Regardless of whether you think your legislator is pro-gun or anti-gun, contact them.  Politicians common skill is being able to count
contacts by their voters and 2016 is an election year.
And we need those in the outdoors sports/shooting communities to VOTE!