Thursday, January 21, 2016

House Gov. Operations Committee schedules hearing on Burlington Gun Control Ordinances

A hearing before the House Government Operations Committee has been scheduled for Thursday, January 28.
Understand that this legislation is not about just guns in Burlington.  It is about Vermont municipalities killing our
Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights by exempting it into being meaningless.  It is about creating a forum for gun
control forums in municipalities all over Vermont.  It is about being able to ban/regulate all that is protected from
multiple municipal PC challenges to outdoors sports/shooting activities by creating a state-wide patchwork of
restrictive ordinances.  Our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights (24 VSA Section 2295) went into effect in 1988
and has served our state well.  Read it here:
You need to contact your House of Representative member(s) and leave them a message at the Sgt-At-Arms
staff at 802-828-2228 to politely say "No to BTV charter changes, Protect our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights"
If you are uncertain as to who is your Representative(s) in the Vermont House see: