Tuesday, January 5, 2016

President Obama's Gun Control Executive Order

                                                                      President Obama's Gun Control Executive Order
In a press conference President Obama announced a Gun Control Executive Order that will face immediate and serious legal challenge.
The Obama Administration made sure to include Social Security records for citizens who have another person assigned to manage their financial affairs.
This would be an increase of millions of new prohibited citizens for citizens who are not violent or dangerous.  
Obama's gun control agenda is pushing "smart guns" which will cost much more and function how reliabily?
If we had a president who wasn't threatening every aspect of legal gun rights would we have the huge demand for firearms that requires all of the
staffing and funding increases the president wants to the NICS background system?  If he wasn't planning flooding the system with useless
background checks on honest private citizens, would NICS staffing and expenses require more tax dollars?  Dollars that could be used for prosecuting
convicted violent felons in possession of a firearm, especially if used in a violent crime.  Focus on prosecuting violent criminals, not hassling honest citizens.
The president's gun control Executive Order violates the due process required to amend a section of the Code of Federal Regulations.
It is a unilateral action by a president who has not been convince the Congress to move his gun control agenda, which is the wish list of control advocates.
His E.O. will be challenged.  If not a series of such gun control E.O.s would completely dismantle the Second Amendment and makes Congress obsolete.