Friday, January 17, 2014

Burlington City Council Public Hearing on Proposed Gun Control Ordinances

There was another Burlington City Council public hearing on the three proposed gun control ordinances. 
This political gun control campaign seeks to dismantle the protections of the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.
If Burlington is successful, municipalities all over the state would have a precedent to try to enact ordinances that
regulate/ban firearms, mags., ammo, shooting, reloading, hunting, fishing and trapping and control Vermont's ranges.
A look at the photo, which is an attachment, shows that once again the number of people opposing the gun control
ordinances clearly outnumbered the pathetic turnout of supporters.  Most of the folks in the audience did not speak.  
But, of those who did speak on the gun ordinances, 12 opposed and 3 supported.  All of the antigun people spoke.
It was obviously a pro-gun rights crowd and the city council sat silently and adjourned the hearing without comment.
This public hearing was at noon on a weekday.  A difficult time for working folks to be present.
The final public hearing on the three proposed gun control ordinances are at Burlington City Hall at 6 PM on Monday,
January 27th.  If you do not like the way Burlington is going forward, you can E-mail them at the addresses below and
politely relate "Please cease the gun control attack on the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights"   Ask for an explanation?