Sunday, January 12, 2014

VFSC Report #12, Burlington Review (Withheld/redacted Documents Numbers Explode)

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Report #12 of On-site VT Public Records Review of Burlington's Anti-Gun Proposals
Burlington City Hall, 1/3 10:00 PM– 4:30 PM
On Friday January 3rd Chris Bradley and Evan Hughes were at Burlington City Hall for further review of Burlington Documents and records that are responsive to the Vermont Public Records Review Law request that was originally filed on September 19.
At this meeting, the city provided two new email folders which contained 391 and 465 respectively – for a total of 856 "new" emails (which include duplicates). In regards to the count of exempted/redacted documents – this has now swollen from 117 to 328 – however the City reversed itself on 24 documents of the 328 as a result of the Federation's initial appeal, leaving a current total of 304 documents still being exempted from public scrutiny. The Federation currently has no reason to suspect that there will not be even more exempted / redacted documents forthcoming, against which we will file another appeal.
While there are a number of serious issues and questions concerning the entire process which the Federation will be bringing to light in the very near term, the Federation believes it speaks volumes when a Vermont municipality knowingly withholds 304 documents from public scrutiny when these same 304 documents were theoretically developed as a result of an "open" government process.
One thing for certain, it is painfully evident to the Federation that citizens who are concerned with Burlington's blatant attempt to infringe on the rights of all Vermont Sportsmen by "backdooring" 24 VSA 2295, better known as the Sportsmen's Bill of Rights, have deluged the City with our messages, with our messages swamping those with opposing views by a HUGE factor. We need to continue this effort.
Please: Email the Burlington City Government by copying and pasting the following email list into an email and tell them: "Please end your attack on legally-owned firearms and the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights!"

The Federation's effort in Burlington will continue until we are satisfied that we have done more than just due diligence such that we can be fully confident that we have uncovered all there is to know so that we can then bring those issues into the light. In the meantime, please be assured that our actions on your behalf ARE having a HUGE impact, and please keep sending your POLITE emails to the email addresses above to insure that the pressure on Burlington not only just continues, but increases.
Chris Bradley & Evan Hughes