Friday, January 24, 2014

VFSC Report #14 on Burlington PRR on Gun Control Ordinances

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Report #14 of On-site VT Public Records Review of Burlington's Anti-Gun Proposals
Burlington City Hall, 1/17 10:00 AM– noon
On Friday January 17th Chris Bradley and Evan Hughes were at Burlington City Hall for further review of Burlington Documents and records that are responsive to the Vermont Public Records Review Law request that was originally filed on September 19.
At this meeting, the city provided one new email folder which contained 609 emails, bringing the total number of emails provided by the City for our examination to 5,761 (which include duplicates). 

In regards to the count of exempted/redacted documents we were not given an update (we will expressly ask for this at our next meeting); but we believe that there is more forthcoming.  The number of exempted or redacted documents therefore still stands at 304.
An interesting development in this Public Records Request is that the Federation has come to believe that the search used by the City to produce all the documents to date is faulty, meaning that under the search method the City was using – documents that would otherwise be responsive to our request will be missed. 
The Federation therefore believes that the City will have to now go back to expand their search, and we absolutely expect more documents to be produced.

The Federation's effort in Burlington will continue until we are satisfied that we have done more than just due diligence such that we can be fully confident that we have uncovered all there is to know so that we can then bring those issues into the light. 
Chris Bradley & Evan Hughes