Thursday, January 23, 2014

Burlington Public Hearing on Monday, the 27th (see photo)

Burlington will have its last public hearing starting at 6 PM on Monday, January 27th.
This is the last chance for the pubic to speak in opposition to the gun control ballot
issues before the March 4, Town Meeting Day vote.  The legislature is watching.
This meeting will be a year after the Burlington City Council's first meeting on its
proposed gun control ordinances.  The first meeting was January 7, 2013 and
we had a huge turnout of our folks.  Our folks packed the room.  This photo does   
BurlingtonCityCouncil.1.8.13not even show the progun folks along the other walls and in the balcony.
Once again, we need a big turnout to show that gun rights supporters have
not grown passive about protecting the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.

Burlington is attacking the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights. If Burlington the gun
control issues are passed on Town Meeting Day this will go to the state legislature.
If Burlington is able to get an exemption to this law, that protects shooting, hunting,
trapping, fishing and the ownership of guns, reloading, and the ranges in Vermont,
municipalities all over Vermont will want the same exemptions.

Our Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights will be dead. We will have a patchwork of
conflicting and draconian laws all over the state.
The antigun element is telling the leadership of the legislature that the demographics
in Vermont have changed. That the folks who support protecting all of the aspects
of your values that are protected by the Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights either
no longer exist or are just lazy/passive and don't care about protecting their rights.

Show up at the Burlington hearing on January 27th, show YOU are still very much here.
Show the Vermont Legislature you are not prepared to surrender your rights.
Support your Vermont Sportsmen's Bill of Rights.