Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keep it up !

Please keep up those calls to Senator Leahy 800-642-3193 and Senator
Sanders 800-339-9834 with the polite message: "Please Enforce the
Existing Gun Laws, this is what is needed"    
Focusing on a single calling campaign at a time has been the rule. But,
the coupling of these two Vermont bills requires an immediate response.
Two new Vermont antigun bills have just emerged.  They are H.124 and
H.125, Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson (Essex) is the lead sponsor of both bills.

H.124 contains some of the worst parts of S.32, which was just withdrawn
in the Vermont Senate.  But it also contains several new aspects that were
not in the S.32.  The bill has a mandated state concealed carry course.
H.124 is just like S.32, a gun control bill just to attack private gun ownership.
Did You Ever Think You Would See Something Like This In Vermont?
H.125 would create a state facility to store "illegal" firearms "confiscated" by
law enforcement at the specifically identified state building #617 in Essex. 
Is there really anticipation of such an increase of confiscated firearms that
the State Police require a whole building for them, until "ultimate disposition" 
It is interesting that for years we have been struggling to get the state to
build public ranges in Vermont.  Yet, Rep. Waite-Simpson's bill H.125 is
legislation for building a new law enforcement range only, in building #617. 

Millions for an indoor police only range and nothing for the folks in Chittenden
County who buy hunting license and permits from VT F&W.   Nothing for
those folks who pay federal tax fees on their firearms, ammo and archery
equipment, fees that provide significant funds to the Vermont F&W Dept..
These two bills are not the way Vermonters want their state government to run.

You can leave Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson a polite message at the Sgt-at-Arms
office, to say "No to H.124 and H.125" and "Build Public Ranges in All Vermont
Counties!"  Sgt-at-Arms 802-828-2228 and/or