Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vermont Semi-Auto Ban! S.32

There are many problems with S.32. If you read it, please
do not read the bill and then perform proof reading services
for members of the legislature, by pointing our faults with S.32.

It is sufficient to just politely tell any legislature "No to S.32"
so they can get a sense from the numbers of calls or E-mails
they get that many Vermonters are opposed to the S.32. If
you want to relate gun laws do not deter crime because
criminals do not obey laws. 

Please let those of us who represent you in the state house
deal with the specifics of what is wrong with S.32.

The semi-automatic firearm ban bill that we have all been
waiting for has emerged in the Vermont State House.

It is S-32, and it is an attachment to this E-mail. When
reading it, understand that the bill reads from the
beginning of the bill, at the bottom of the bill, to the
end of the bill, which is the top of the document.

In other words, start reading the bill as the bottom
of the document and read upward.

The bill is the work of Senator Philip Baruth (D)
Chittenden County. He is the Senate Majority

If you would like to let him know you oppose his
bill, drop him a polite E-mail at pbaruth@leg.state.vt.us
and just say "No to S-32" or you can leave that message
for him at the Sgt-At-Arms Office at State House at