Monday, January 21, 2013

Senator Baruth to withdraw Bill S.32

Late last night Seven Days Magazine posted that Senator Philip Baruth (D)
Chittenden County announced he was going to try to withdraw S.32.

WCAX has also released a new article reporting very much the same.
S.32 was an expansive gun control bill. 
Late last week it was apparent that S.32 was drawing many
telephone calls to the state house switchboard and E-mails to
the senator's legislative E-Mail account, opposing S.32.
But, even if S.32 is actually withdrawn, it is likely there will be
more gun control bills, without the semi-automatic firearm portion,
coming out in the Vermont House of Representatives.
Such bill(s) will have a magazine capacity limitation,
background check, and Child Access Protection (CAP) and
probably a type of enticement for us to buy into it.
S.32 might well have a throw away bill.  To be passed if they
could get it and if strongly opposed, to be withdrawn.  The
the bills would emerge to not promote banning semi-auto
firearms themselves but that sought other gun control agenda
items, in order to divide different gun owning communities.
The point is to not reward such "divide and conquer" techniques. 
To continue to stand together and continue to oppose gun
control legislation that only serves to regulate honest citizens
and ban products that do not cause crime.