Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VTFSC Position Papers

                               VERMONT FEDERATION OF
                                   SPORTSMEN'S CLUBS
                                 Feb. 7th Hearing Canceled
Senator Dick Sears, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has
canceled the February 7th public hearing on S.32, the gun control ban bill. 
This follows the lead sponsor S.32, Senator Philip Baruth, informing Senator
Senators that he wanted to withdraw S.32.
It is fully expected that there will be more gun control legislation introduced
in the Vermont Legislature and some of it will contain elements of S.32.
We will be vigilant, watching emerging legislation as it appears in the
Vermont legislature and promptly report antigun bills.
Good work on S.32 and be forewarned this issue is not over in Montpelier.
                          VERMONT FEDERATION OF
                            SPORTSMEN'S CLUBS on
                              GUN LEGISLATION S.32
There have been numerous Vermont media stories on the lead
sponsor of S.32, Senator Philip Baruth, telling Senate Judiciary
Committee Chairman Dick Sears that he wanted to withdraw S.32.

The federation held S.32 as a far overreaching bill. Now it appears
S.32 is out of consideration for further legislative progress.
It will be up to Senator Sears as to whether or not to cancel the
scheduled February 7th public hearing at the Vermont State House.
Senator Sears is anticipated to announce his decision today. The
senator has a long standing record of solid judgement and fair
leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We know there will be other proposed gun legislation emerging in the
Vermont State House and some of it will contain portions of S.32. In
its consideration of these bills the legislature would benefit greatly
from the participation of Vermont's knowledgeable and experienced
gun owning communities.

The causes of violent crime are complex and the drafting of legislation
to effectively deter violent crime will not be accomplished in haste or by
emotion. This is why the federation continues to believe in a deliberate
legislative process as being necessary to enact laws that achieve the
sound public policy we Vermonters expect in our laws.

Therefore, the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs will continue its
long standing practice of being willing to offer our knowledge and experience
to our state legislature in discussion of legislation involving firearms.
Clint Gray,
Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc.